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By purchasing our eBooks you agree that you have read and accept the following terms outlined by Sarah Joy and her company Top Shelf Business Consulting (I, we ,our). If you have not read or do not accept these terms, do not purchase this eBook.

  1. You understand that Sarah Joy is the author and owner of this eBook and all of its contents. You must not publish, redistribute, copy, or reproduce the contents of this eBook in any way. Doing so will result in legal action.
  2. As this is a both a digital and a write in physical product there will be no refunds offered for this product.
  3. The planning workbooks will give you a framework and an idea of how to plan for your business. However, if you need more support that is available for purchase through my website in the form of consulting sessions with Sarah Joy. We will not interpret your plan for you or offer email, telephone or any other type of support in the form of explaining or answering your question or any related issues which are outside of the scope of purchasing this eBook. If you purchase this eBook you understand that we are not obligated to do anything other than deliver you the eBook.
  4. We are not responsible for any action you take as a result of performing the activities in the workbook. The book is a guideline, you are still solely responsible for the goings on in your business.
  5. We are not responsible for any monetary, business, emotional, romantic or any other type of loss you experience as a result from performing the activities in the book. We make no guarantees of your success and a variety of factors beyond the scope of the book dictate the level of success in your business.
  6. You may review this eBook for your blog, website, YouTube channel, social media or similar platforms, so long as you reference my website in your review with a link. However, in doing so you understand that you can refer to the contents contained within this eBook but you must not publish any of its contents. This is classed as plagiarism and we will take legal action.

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