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About Us

Bargain Bougie is a Denver-based, family business, owned and operated by Shelly Thoman. Our goal is to best serve you with an uncompromised commitment to value, quality, and service. An alternative to retail shopping is offered, because the process can be frustrating, confusing, inconvenient, and cost-prohibitive. In fact, the process probably looks and feels something like this:

After a long and tiring day, you manage to get through rush hour traffic to a local box store that is running a big 24 hour promotion. You meander to the floor covering department in the back, behind the paint. The department is packed with displays and samples – a visual stimulus that can throw even the most prepared and savvy shopper into a spin. After wandering through the aisles for several minutes, your fingers sink into a soft, thick, colorful carpet. A few questions come to mind regarding price and quality but there are no store personnel in sight. Finally, a very young employee with an earring in his tongue and baggy pants exposing his undergarments offers assistance and promises expertise. He encourages the purchase of the soft, thick carpet but is unable to answer basic questions regarding the fiber, Teflon protection, twist, warranty, expectations, Hollywood Steps, install, pad density, brand names, and major mills. Overwhelmed, you check out samples and thoughts of $35.00 – $45.00 a yard make your head hurt. Several days later a second person comes to your house to measure and charges $50.00 for the visit. The information is not clearly communicated nor left behind. You are forced to wait several days to receive the estimate, which indicates it will cost several thousand more than what was expected.

There is a difference

Bargain Bougie provides an alternative to this process by bringing samples to your door (Denver Based), providing expertise and guidance, and giving you a full-disclosure quote on the spot. No more hassle, no more waiting – just quality service at your doorstep for a fraction of the price. Because our service is remote, we can meet you anywhere. Many of our customers shop on-line or meet us at our Denver warehouse.